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International Conference on Simulation & Modeling

Simulation for Unsolved Problems

It is our great pleasure to announce this call for paper for the third Asian Simulation and Modeling (ASIMMOD) conference in January 22-23, 2009. This event is a continuation of the two previous successful conferences meeting hosted by Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in 2005 and Chiang-Mai University (CMU) in 2007. In this coming year 2009, Kasetsart University will be hosting this event. The conference venue will be at Miracle Grand Convention Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. At this moment, we would like to invite researchers, professors and others to be a part of this event by firstly submitting your work abstract/full papers for presentation consideration. All works will be reviewed by our technical committee and the final version of all refereed manuscripts will be published in the conference proceedings in both forms of hardcopy and CD-ROM.

It is well known among academics that simulation is mainly used in modeling, analysis and design of complex systems hardly solved exactly by the traditional way such as mathematics and/or the use of common sense. Therefore, the main theme of this upcoming meeting is aimed to open opportunities for all participants to present some new and fresh issues on the use of simulation in many unsolved exactly problems existed in all disciplines. Here are some related topics:

Advanced Modeling and Analysis of Human Body and Behavior
Large Scale Modeling
Analysis and Computing
Massively Parallel Computing in Simulation
Complex Modeling and Simulation in Social Science
Numerical Simulation in Engineering Analysis and Optimization
Micro/Macro Economics and Econometrics Modeling and Simulation
Multi-Scale Modeling and Simulation
Simulation Modeling of Natural Resources
Environment and Sustainability Issues , Etc.

For those who have submitted the abstracts, please submit the full manuscript files according to the above templates format by october 15, 2008.

Full Paper Submissions: October 15, 2008
Notification of Full Paper Acceptance: November 1, 2008
Final Form of Full Paper December 15, 2008
Conference Date January 22-23, 2009

The organizing committee hopes that this event will attract your interest and participation and we are looking forward to seeing you in Bangkok, Thailand.


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