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Adv. Statistical Methods in Quality Eng.

Presentation Capter 5 : rar.file
Proof, Integrate function normal distribution of sampling data for find the confidence interval : xls.file (Detail: Maple.file)

1.HW1(Linear Independent pdf.file)
2.HW2(Find Covariance pdf.file)
3.HW3(Find x : A , b are Interval(stochastic) and large scale) pdf.file) (Detail: Matlab.file)
4.HW4(Chapter 1 and 2 pdf.file)
5.HW5(Chapter 3 pdf.file)
6.HW6(Chapter 4 pdf.file)
7.HW7(Chapter 5 pdf.file)
8.HW8(Chapter 6 pdf.file)
9.Midterm(Chapter 1-6 pdf.file) (Detail: Matlab.file)
10.HW9(Chapter 8 pdf.file) (Detail: Matlab.file)
11.Final(Chapter 8-9 pdf.file) (Detail: Matlab.file) (Detail: Minitab.file 8.13 and 9.20)